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Prof. PhDr. Ján DORUźA, DrSc. (1933)

Leading Research Fellow




Ján Doruža is interested in the issues of development of the Slovak language and relations between Slovak and other Slavic and Non-Slavic languages on the background of historical development of Slovak ethnicity. In this context, he mainly attends to language of the folk literature and the older Slovak literature. He notes the questions of the literary language development and its application in public relations and legislative changes in this area.

Ján Doruža has developed a concept of long-term Slavistic studies along with a notion of its progressive realization in the multilateral interdisciplinary cooperation. On that concept is based also the idea of an action of a particular slavistic department in the Slovak Academy of Sciences and Ján Doruža´s proposal for an establishment of the Slavistic Cabinet SAS and its conversion to the Institute named after Jan Stanislav.

As a chairman of the Slovak Commitee of Slavists (in 1990 - 2006) Ján Doruža was organizing all the preparation and process of the 11th international convention of Slavists in 1993 in Bratislava. He also prepared the participation of Slovak Slavists and presentation of the Slovak science in the international convention of Slavists in 1998 in Krakow and in 2003 in Ljubljana.

Under his leadership six grant projects supported by the grant agency VEGA have performed the planned purposes.

Ján Doruža was lecturing and leading seminars and master theses at several universities. He was participating in organizatorial preparations for the establishment of Trnava University and for the building of Department of Slovak language and of the Faculty of Education (in 1994-1999 he was an external head of department) and now he is a tutor of full-time and part-time doctoral students. He was a member of scientific boards of universities and faculties, in 2003-2012, he was an editor-in-chief of the journal Slavica Slovaca and now he is also a member of an editorial board of the international scientific series Monumenta Byzantino-Slavica et Latina Slovaciae. He is works as a chairman of the Scientific Board in Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics SAS, he was a chairman of the Language Department of the Matica slovenská for many years (1995-2004) and a committee of the Matica slovenská .



Golden plaque of źudovít Štúr SAS for the contributions in social sciences (1993), The Great Medal of St. Gorazd – the highest departmental honors of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak republic (1998), Štefan Moyzes award for the contributions to the slovak national life (2003; awarded by the Foundation of the Matica slovenská), the Commemorative medal of Saints Cyril and Methodius for the contribution to the Slovak science and culture (2003; awarded by the Matica slovenská), the Medal SAS for a support of the science (2004), The Life of the Word in History and Language Relations. To the Honor of the 70th Anniversary of Professor Ján Doruža. Ed. Peter Žeňuch. Bratislava: Slavistic cabinet SAS, 2003. 315 s., Golden Medal SAS (2008), Golden Medal of the Matica slovenská (2008), SAS Award for the popularization of the science (2010).


Interviews with professor Ján Doruža

Interview with Ján Doruža at the occasion of his anniversary I.

Interview with Ján Doruža at the occasion of his anniversary II.



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